FKJ & Tom Misch Collide With “Lose My Way”

When FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) and Tom Misch are put in the same room you know things are about to get out of hand and you need some of that magic in your life. Sure enough, the collision of their own brands of futuristic, feel-good funky soul has us losing ourselves in Simon Boore‘s Losing My Way for four straight great minutes.

I’m losing my way through the stardust
She was heartless
In every way
I’m losing my way

Tom is 21 from South London, and his baby steps from classical and rock music into jazz and hip hop are gold. FKJ is, as you might figure, unquestionably French and housed by French label Roche Musique, which boasts alumni of electro virtuoso like Karma Kid, Kartell and Zimmer.

These two are plenty to be explored if you’re into mindbending, spark-flying “nueverything.