Covers Of Redbone You Need To Hear

Ever since the release of Awaken, My Love! by Childish Gambino, we’ve heard countless stunning renditions of crowd favourite Redbone. So we’ve amassed some of our faves out on the web.

Kicking off this list with Justin Ward, who blew up on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit because someone posted a snippet of his sax cover of Redbone at a wedding.

You might know Juliana Chahayed from Season 12 of American Idol. The 20 year old has a stash of amazing covers but we’ll let those dreamy vocals do the lulling.

There’s something ’bout 18 year old Marylou Villegas from Canada, whose simple setup for every cover, original and mashup works like a charm.
Turning the dial up a notch we have Holocene, a band from Orange County.

Singer songwriter Andie from Aussie jazzes it up in the forest, and makes a grand entrance with the kazoo. Need we say more?

Her EP ‘One Foot In The Grave’ is out now on Bandcamp.
That’s a lot of lady represent, but we didn’t have to look far for Spencer Sutherland who slays the song alongside his MVP guitarist.

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