In its fifth year of celebrating underground animation, Cartoons Underground has amassed over 500 film submissions from all over the world – three times more than last year!

14480671_1698444110476827_1550319799268553890_oPoster by Jia Lee, former Apple graphic designer with a penchant for the whimsical

Come 22nd October, we can enjoy the twenty films that have been painstakingly chosen for this year’s festival at Kult Kafé. The films fall under either of the following two programs:

symphony-of-two-minds-still-1Symphony Of Two Minds by Valere Amirault (France)

Program A: Time Loop

  1. A Brief History of Time by Davier Yoon and Joshua Tan / Singapore
  2. In Other Words by Tal Kantor / Israel
  3. The Hunt by Nguyen Hong Ngoc Mai / Singapore
  4. RADIO WAVE by Ryotaro Miyajima / Japan
  5. Go To City ELE by Wenyu Li / China
  6. Slow Wave by Andy Kennedy / USA
  7. Fleischwelt by Ara Jo / Germany
  8. The Greed That Went Wrong by Geraldine Toh / Singapore
  9. Symphony of Two Minds by Valere Amirault / France
  10. Ruben Leaves by Frederic Siegel / Switzerland

mercury-still-1Mercury by Melis Balci and Ege Okal / Turkey

Program B: Life Warp

  1. Zepo by Cesar Diaz Melendez / Spain
  2. Mercury by Melis Balci and Ege Okal / Turkey
  3. Illusions by Dominica Harrison / UK
  4. Charlie’s Buck Teeth by Esther Lalanne, Xing Yao, Valentin Sabin, Camille Verninas and Chao-Hao Yang / France
  5. Last Judgment by Junyi Xiao / USA & China
  6. Pirouette by Zige Zhang / USA
  7. Trolled by Kai Yuan Tao / Singapore
  8. The Little Pastry Chef by Soh Fia, Mirza Ja’afar and Grace Ong / Singapore
  9. Awesome Beetle’s Colors by Indra Sproge / Latvia
  10. D: 729. by Levi Stoops / Belgium

For a rundown of each short film to help you decide (though really, need we settle for either rather than both), visit their official site. Click on the header to watch this year’s trailer featuring snippets of films both locally-made and globally-acclaimed. Compiled by Jerrold Chong, local director who will also be opening this year’s screening with a hand drawn 2D short.

RSVP at Official Cartoons Underground Facebook Page. Admission is by donation, and then some for beer and popcorn!

Early Evening:

Time Loop & Life Warp – 6:30PM & 7:30PM with a 15 min personal Q&A with directors after

Late Night Screening:

Time Loop & Life Warp- 8:30PM & 9:30PM with a 15 min personal Q&A with directors after