ArtScience Late: HA-HA OK – Mar 24

Audio-visual collective Syndicate presents HA-HA OK, a new three-way collaborative piece by electronic music producer Kiat, media artist Brandon Tay and contemporary dance artist Lee Mun Wai, transforming the Museum’s Lobby into an immersive playground filled with sonic-scapes of live electronica beats, interactive visual projections and site-specific dance movements.
Immediate, impactful and fun, HA-HA OK is a distillation and response to all that is felt in our current landscape. As views shift, as numbers multiply, as spaces becoming increasingly cacophonous, what the things that remain unchanged, what are the things that develop, what are the things that get left by the side? Amidst all these, the response might just be: HA-HA OK.

Syndicate Ft. Kiat, Brandon Tay and Lee Mun Wai
Thu 24 Mar, 8pm
Art Science Museum Lobby, complimentary

Held in conjunction with i Light Marina Bay 2016.