A Massive Vday Date With Stars

This year’s Valentine’s night will be different, because it shall be spent with Stars. The first and last time I was at a Stars gig, it was surreal on all levels. I would attribute it to a mix of Torquil Campbell’s speak-singing theatrics performed alongside Amy Millan’s distinct, demure vocals popping from a bed of very likeable synthstrumenals. Other times, they would be riding on a downtempo piano or string arrangement.

Yes, I am admittedly a fan of the Montreal five-piece band, whose songs, no matter how ironically written for their time, marries sentimental charm with themes otherwise hard to swallow.

The Five Ghosts was written in 2010, when Torquil’s father passed away during the album’s creation. 2012’s The North was recorded while inter-band couple Amy and bassist Evan Cranley were in the throes of new parenthood. The highs and lows of these life events weave a convincing basis for each song, and simply make them felt.

st050009-stars-no-one-is-lost-2-x-12-vinyl-z-3Now, at “one of the best times of our [their] lives”, Lost & Found (2015) was born, for once, within a context free of emotional turmoil. Not only are we excited to relive a full-fledged performance we weren’t prepared for back in 2012, we’re also curious to experience the product of many nights spent jamming in a studio above a gay disco. You read right.

STARS will be playing at the Victoria Theatre on 14th February (in case vday falls on another date in your world) at 8.30pm. Visit the Facebook Event Page, or get your tickets from Peatix for SG$98 (Stalls) or $78 (Circle).