A Bite Of Petit Biscuit

There is so little music I can listen to while writing, but Petit Biscuit‘s world of work keeps me going. At 16 years old, the majorly talented multi-instrumentalist and Rouen bedroom producer is fast reaching 33 million streams on Spotify with Sunset Lover (refer to mesmerising music video in header), the first track of his new EP.screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-35-59-pm

“I was on my bedroom, after summer 2k15, and thinking about representing what I loved to do the most, admire the sunset. Then, Sunset Lover is for me my representation of the perfect sunset. <3”  – Petit Biscuit

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-2-57-28-pmMehdi Benjelloun’s clean, summer-scented tunes are sometimes coupled with remarkable voice samples, but he mostly plays the guitar riffs and synth on his own. We recommend Jungle, Once Again, and Full Moon. If you’re looking to rough things up a little, here’s his most recent remix of Hayden James’ Just A Lover.

Header image via Petit Biscuit’s Facebook Page. He’s on @petitbiscuit_off on Instagram, @ItsPetitBiscuit on Twitter and PetitBiscuit on Soundcloud and YouTube.