Vicki Yeo.
“What is Life without Music, Film & Pop Culture?”








Hidzir Junaini | Film & TV Editor

Hidzir has been plying his trade as a music journalist and film critic for over a decade. He was the former music editor at Bandwagon Asia, JUICE Singapore and Deezer Asia. He also freelances for publications such as VICE, MTV Asia, and, among many others.




Matt Sekiya | Vinylhead & Music Reporter

Usually found perusing dusty crates in record stores or raiding the shelves of bookstores for titles expanding the conscious mind.

Writes articles with an alternative urban focus in mind.

92’ till infinity. word.







Izzy Liyana Harris

Izzy enjoys the company of trees, making art and leaving home to live somewhere else every once in a while.





Jonathan Liu.
Jon is a photographer from Singapore currently based in London, United Kingdom. He is pursuing a BA Degree in Photography at the London College of Communication (UAL).
Photography Portfolio:

Instagram: JonSaysRelax
Travel: #JonSaysTravel