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Hit The Roof with NĂ“NG Edible Gardens & Friends!

HIT THE ROOF with Nong & Friends, an event by Vault Mag brings on board familiar F&B outfits such as The Cajun Kings, Morsels, 28 Hongkong Street, The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. and Bettr Barista Coffee. All of this buzz taking place while soul, funk and hiphop tunes by Matteblacc fill the open air.

Corgi pup meets its new kidlet

So cute it hurts. Doesn't help that Kerby is chubby, fluffy and overly-enthused; while that kid's laugh...

Ian was #Upforwhatever, and this is where it got him.

Bud Light is by now notorious for producing the most feel-good adverts time after time, but their most recent (series of) stunt(s) for Super Bowl XLVIII came out top. We may not all be half as lucky as Ian, but at least now we know some chances are unquestionably worth taking.

[Video] This dog is a human whisperer

A certain husky named Blaze is rising to fame with its peculiar vocabulary. However, you'd like to know this isn't the first time the canine breed has spoken.

Neo Folk 2 – A new wave of Asian Art

Delve into what bubbles under the surface of living in modern Asia during this multimedia showcase held at the established Ikkan Art Gallery.