Pop Nuggets

[Follow Friday] Humans of New York

29 year-old Brandon Stanton roams the streets of New York and captures simple portraits of people going about with their daily grind. He couples these with poignant quotes from the people featured - sometimes humorous and uplifting, other times deeply saddening.

[Community] The Upcycle Project

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. Explore and be inspired as community design collective Participate In Design brings this expression to life.

A Rude Awakening – Carpe Diem

Check out this project that visualises life expectancy to have a practical gauge on how many more weeks, months or years you can evade the Grim Reaper.

Day 36 of 40

Forty Days of Dating is an ongoing social experiment where two good friends, Jessica and Timothy, who experience opposite yet equally frustrating relationship problems decide to date (fo reals!) upon finding themselves single some thirty-six days ago.