Martell Elegantology presents Legendary Guest DJ Derrick Carter

Doors of the eclectic Art Bar at The Butter Factory open at 10pm this Thursday, and there is a cover charge of $20 for a whole night of smashing house tunes and jiving with cocktail(s) in hand(s). No better deal for a pre-TGIF breather, methinks.

Trailer – Nine Days And Nights of Ed Sheeren

Moving on from the illustrious A-Team glory days, where does the Suffolk singer-songwriter take the keen ears of fans and fans-to-be? The future is looking promising, with the world catching on to the tune of his exhilarating lead single “Sing”.

[Mixtape Monday] #MusicMattersLive 2014 with #HP

It's been a revolutionary four days with Music Matters Live with HP, and we want to share it with you this Mixtape Monday. Hit play for some of the best and most notable tunes we caught, and scroll down for the tracklist!


After 3 years in the studio, Coldplay released Ghost Stories on the 19th of May 2014 and with it, recorded the highest number of pre-orders on iTunes and streamed 54.4m downloads of "Magic" (the 1st single) from Spotify at the time when this review was written, just 12 hours after the international release. Read on for our track-by-track review and why Popwire gives it a 7.5/10.

Buffalo Sunn returns to Singapore for Music Matters

Buffalo Sunn is a cosmic rock and roll band from Dublin that used to go by the moniker Sweet Jane. Expect grimy sounds from the 60s, reverb rapture and guitars galore as they may or may not bring us on an epic journey with songs from their debut album "By The Ocean, By The Sea" due for release later this year.

Blue Hour Session 5 of 6 at HOME Club

This Friday's Blue Hour Session by Lomography, Home Club & The RSC will feature locals acts Pleasantry, FROMPAMM, ANECHOIS and Izyanti Asa'ari, to name a few. Read on!

[Mixtape Monday] FAVE RAVE – FMFA 2014

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. This is a surprisingly varied mix; one that's easy to listen to across genres... or subgenres under the frustratingly huge umbrella that's been dubbed (haaa) "EDM".

[Video] Cold Front by Laura Welsh

Laura Welsh's monochrome music video for Cold Front is absolutely transfixing. Think raw, seamless contemporary dance moves accompanied by ingenious use of shadow play.