[Video] Living life on God-given drugs

Tommy Franklin's story of liberation is one that's simple, moving and awe-inspiring. I'M FREE TO BE ME is directed by Bassett Dickson & Trent Holmes, and was nominated Tropfest Australia Finalist 2012.

Kult Gallery presents: Chungking Express《重慶森林》

This Thursday, Kult unravels their last blast for the year - a group exhibition inspired by the Hong Kong film Chungking Express, featuring more than 25 underground artists worldwide coming together to pay homage to the memorable Wong Kar Wai classic.

[Trailer] SUPERMODELME Femme Fatale Season 4

The International Emmy-nominated reality competition series makes its comeback in the fiercest way thinkable, with its fourth season premiering this coming Monday on DIVA Universal.

Real gentlemen take it to the dance floor

From Korea to Britain, Tom Hiddleston has been thoroughly shocking fans by dancing his heart out. Has the shuffling supervillain met his match when co-star Zachary Levi steps on stage?
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The Jobs Movie

Check out the official trailer of the biographical movie, JOBS, featuring Ashton Kutcher as the much-missed visionary Steve Jobs.

The Clockwork Life of Stanley Pickle

Shot entirely on a stills camera, Stanley Pickle is dark, queer, thought-provoking... and delightful. The 10-minute short film produced by Vicky Mather from ...