Why Be Towkay Tan? Why Not?

Watch as the disaster Towkay Tan had envisioned unfolds into a harmonious reunion that not only befits the season, but any part of the era.

All of Star Wars Sung in 99 Seconds by Jon Cozart

One of the internet's most talented humans, Paint, turns his love for Star Wars into a semi-geeky, downright entertaining acapella jingle in the tune of Star Wars' opening theme, of course.

Next on our to-watch list // I Am Big Bird – The Caroll Spinney Story

This Tribeca film released in 2014 may be old news, but to go beneath the wings and feathers of the iconic Big Bird himself is unheard of. While the world grew up with the endearing tunes and toons of Sesame Street, Caroll Spinney grew old in the claws of Big Bird and ironically, the paws of Oscar the Grouch.

Coming Soon // ‘The Night Before’

Catch the trailers of the upcoming Christmas release ’The Night Before,’ explaining the significance of Christmas Eve to Isaac (Seth Rogen), Chris (Anthony Mackie) and Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and how it transpires...or descends.

Paddington Movie Trailer – All our childhood fuzzy feels

The world has many great bears but there can only be one favourite. It's not a tough call after watching the trailer of Paddington, hitting cinema screens pretty hard this clumsy Christmas. By the producers of Harry Potter, too! David Heyman's certainly not past his Heyday.