Our Review on ALIEN: COVENANT (2017)

We’ve come a long way from 1979 since the very first Alien starring Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerrit and a cat named Jonesy (not its real name). These are enhan...

Our Review on ALIEN: COVENANT (2017)

The latest Alien instalment – ‘Alien Covenant’ was a test of everything that Ridley Scott and writer John Logan had in their pods. And it made us sit up and notice, recall, shift uncomfortably in our seats and hope to God that the translucent teenager of an Alien would absolutely fail.

Parting Thoughts On Arrival

In the film just shy of two hours, Louise Banks is a language professor who works alongside physicist Ian Donnelly. It all culminates in the most graceful, memorable plot twist.

[R.I.P John Lennon] Eight Days A Week

Here's an intimate look at The Beatles through the eyes of Ron Howard, the director of one of my favorite but most haunting films (since it was showing when I was 8) titled A Beautiful Mind.

This Holiday Sounds Smashing With Sing The Movie

With a sudden slew of animal movies all through 2016, such as Disney's unforgettable Zootopia and The Secret Life Of Pets, it would be grand to end the year on the note of a family-friendly film that's beastly engrossing and not lame (banking on Jennings for this one).